Quality Objectives of Faculty of Engineering Technology 2020


  1. Implementing academic programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in the field of Engineering and Technology recognized by relevant accreditation bodies.
  2. Produces at least 12% of undergraduate graduates with a CPA of ≥ 3.50 and 6% of first-class graduates.
  3. Ensure that the marketability of graduate employability reaches at least 70% after 6 months of graduation.
  4. Ensure that 70% of academic staff with PhD qualification.
  5. Produces at least 2 publications per academic staff in the form of conference papers/journal articles / proceedings / modules / original workbooks / translation books / other related.
  6. Ensure that at least 60% of academic staff are involved in research or consultancy during the current year.
  7. Ensures that at least 90% of staff meets the 7-days training and development program a year.