Department of Electrical Engineering Technology

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    • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Technology (Industrial Automation) with Honours 
    • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Technology (Communication and Computer) with Honours 
    • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Technology (Electrical Power) with Honours





Current industries are under constant pressure to find new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. As a result, companies continue to implement technologies in robotics, process control, computers and factory automation, in order to enhance productivity. Industrial automation, computer-assisted manufacturing and robotics have opened new fields in the planning, installation and service of automated equipment and systems. Many industrial companies are improving their production and processing operations by incorporating changing technology. As such, this program is designed to help graduates develop adequate knowledge and good skills associated with many areas of industrial automation in order to fulfill the current industrial’s needs.



The use of mobile telephony and the Internet continues to transform of our social and business lives. Global data networks enable us to communicate via text messages, voice or video, to access and exchange information and to transact business securely. These networks provide the links between computer systems or specialized computing devices. In order to maximize the benefits of this blending of communications and computing technologies, organizations are increasingly reliant on access to a new range of engineering development skills. Given the level of demand, this programme is designed to combine elements of electronic, software and communications engineering and associated hardware appropriate to the merging of technologies encountered in today’s ICT systems. Lecture and tutorial material is applied in practical project and laboratory work. A strong emphasis is placed on the development of application-oriented design and development skills and in-depth knowledge relevant to the needs of both high-tech ICT producers, advanced system providers and operators.



This program is designed to provide students with a high quality applications-oriented undergraduate education based on state-of-the-art technological equipment associated with electrical technology. This is achieved through several objectives such as facilitating the students with equipments that relevance to the latest industrial changes, equipping the students with adequate fundamental knowledge and strong skills that relates to the field and supporting the development of appropriate computer facilities. Graduates from this programme major understand, design, analyze and work effectively in industrial settings utilizing product/process control systems and electrical power systems.



Our graduates are demanded in various fields such as in:

  • Manufacturing: as a engineering technologist in production, quality control, maintenance, etc
  • Research: as a researcher in Industrial automation, Telecommunication & computer and Electrical power
  • Education: as a lecturer, instructor and trainer
  • Consultant: as designer and quality control officer
  • Management: as a supervisor and technical manager in manufacturing
  • Marketing: as a sales manager in Industrial automation, Telecommunication & computer and Electrical power




  • Academic Brochure Electrical Engineering Technology (Communication and Computer) 2018
  • Academic Brochure Electrical Engineering Technology (Electrical Power) 2018
  • Academic Brochure Electrical Engineering Technology (Industrial Automation) 2018