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    • Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering Technology (Building Services) with Honours
    • Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering Technology (Environmental) with Honours
    • Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering Technology (Construction) with Honours



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Bachelor of Civil Engineering Technology in (Building Services) with Honours is aims to produce graduates who are competent, independent and mature to meet nation's needs for skilled professionals and experts in the field of civil engineering technology for the public and private sectors or even self-employed. This program is designed to be consistent with the vision and mission of the University. Through this program, the graduates are expected to be part of the talent that will propel the development of the state in accordance with the aspirations of Vision 2020. This is made possible with the availability of courses emphasizing new technologies that covers the theory and practical skills needed in this field. The students of this program are also exposed to the variety of activities that can boost their generic skills.



Bachelor of Civil Engineering Technology (Environment) with Honours is aims to produce graduates with both engineering and applied sciences knowledge and skills to investigate, plan, design, manufacture and maintain the systems and equipments used in various aspects of environmental solutions. As oppose to other Environmental Engineering degree programmes, this unique programme is designed to offer graduates who are more focused on the technologies and systems that make up a good environmental solutions to meet demand for skilled professionals in plants, manufacturing, consultants, education and management in the public, private or self-employed sectors. In order to produce the graduates with excellent theory and practical skills, this programme is also expected to prepare the graduates with generic skills consistent with the vision and mission of the University.



Bachelor of Civil Engineering Technology (Constructions) with Honours is aims to produce graduates who are competent, mature and exposed with knowledge and technical skills based on the latest technology to meet the demand of current market. The program is structured to be more practical than the conventional pure engineering degree program. The students of this programme will be exposed to planning, design, managing and inspection of construction such as buildings, roads, dams, bridges and airports. This program is designed and emphasized on the practical applications of civil engineering principles. The student of this program undertake courses such as engineering mechanics, surveying, computer aided design, structural design, materials, soils, hydrology and construction technology. Most of these courses are the integration of field, laboratory and workshop activities that could enhance the understanding of the civil engineering technology applications in constructions. The industrial training (1 semester) in public or private companies allows graduates to enhance their skills and preparing themselves for their future career. 



The building services teams work closely with other engineering disciplines, architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyors on construction projects. The range of services required in our modern buildings is continuously expanding offering building services engineering graduates a challenging and rewarding career choices and the chance to play a dynamic role in the future of our environment.

On the other hand the environment sector are required in large numbers of area from process engineering, environmental chemistry, water and wastewater treatment, waste reduction management to pollution prevention. Professional graduates from this programme are able to work with government, private agencies, non-government organization (NGOs) and they are also bright in research and development (R&D) area working towards maintaining clean environment, green development and sustainable growth for our future.  

The graduates from the construction will have opportunities to work in government and private agencies. They could be engineering technologists in government sector and engineer in private sectors. They are also able to work with contractors and consultants in the construction industries. In field of R&D, the graduates are able to be research officers in government and private sectors.