The Department of Civil Engineering Technology (JTKA) offers three programmes namely (1) Bachelor of CivilEngineering Technology (Environmental), (2) Bachelor of CivilEngineering Technology (Building Services) and (3) Bachelor of  Civil Engineering Technology (Construction). Masters and PhD degrees are also available in this Department. The mission of this Department is practical education, research and innovation. In addition, the Department has a defined range of development areas in order to enhance activities in the fields such as Building Processes, Construction Materials, Green Technology, Sustainable Building, Indoor Environment, Building Energy and Structural Building. The subjects become all the more interesting and competent with tailored hands-on programmes. The emphasis on intensive practical skills and soft skills will equip graduates to readily adapt to a wide variety of careers within the civil industry.




The Department of Electrical Engineering Technology (JTKE) is one of the five departments in the Faculty of Engineering Technology. The aim of this department is to produce highly competent graduates with the technical and communication skills in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology through giving the students exposures and opportunities in a very conducive educational environment in order to fulfill the need of Malaysia’s modern industries. The graduates shall have the ability to analyze, design, and implement their knowledge in either industrial automation, robotics, telecommunications, computer systems or industrial power systems. Three programs are offered under the department which are (1) Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Technology (Industrial Automation) with Honours (2) Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Technology (Communication and Computer) with Honours and (3) Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Technology (Electrical Power) with Honours. The Department offers Bachelor, Master (Taught & Research), and PhD (Research) degrees. As of 2016, the Department has a team of 21 full-time staff members (3 senior lecturers, 6 lecturers, 1 senior instructor, 4 instructors, 4 vocational training officers, and 2 vocational training assistant officers) across major areas of electrical and electronics engineering technology. The staff comes from mixed background of both academia and industry. All staff members have outstanding performances in both teaching and research.




The Department aims to offer academic programs that prepare students to understand physical, chemical and biological processes with ability to incorporate the molecular information into new / improved products and processes skillfully. Currently, the Department is offering a four-year degree program in chemical engineering technology with specialization in biotechnology designed for students who are interested in the emerging biotech and life sciences industries. Postgraduate programs of “Master by research” and “Doctorate of philosophy” are also available with vibrant interdisciplinary research approach that deals with real-life problems from many collaborated industries. Our graduates of chemical engineering technologists are usually employed in industries producing chemicals and petroleum products, food, pharmaceuticals, government sectors, among others.




Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology offers multidisciplinary undergraduate programs such as Automotive, Plant, Manufacturing, Packaging and Textiles. The programs has been designed to emphasize on understanding the basic principles in engineering technology and being competent in various skills relating to each discipline. The curriculum consists of core and specialized engineering technology courses, related general education and supporting non-technical courses.  In addition, the students’ exposure to engineering practice is integrated within the curriculum through the combinations of industrial training and invited lectures from the industries. The program also provides the students with the opportunities for analytical, critical and constructive thinking besides communication, team-working and life-long learning skills in order to prepare them for careers as technologists in industries or public sectors, or continuing education at graduate level.




Department of Transportation Engineering Technology offers undergraduate program in rail transportation. The programs has been designed to emphasize on understanding the basic principles in engineering technology and being competent and knowledgeable in rail transportation engineering technology dicipline in-line with the industry. The program also provides the students with the technical competency in activities related to the rail transportation engineering technology. Students will exposed with the real practise in rail transportation with 3 years study in university and 1 year practical in rail industry.